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Chapter 1463 – God’s Tongue memorize transport
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Instantly, there were nearly 10 unique ingredients and planning strategies that came out in Fairy Rosy Cloud’s intellect.
If possible, he could also summon the virtuous lamia along with the Holy Ape Projections to enhance his momentum even further.
“Senior Tyrannical Track need to be very adorable when he’s giving birth.”
The danger of it being a direct confrontation was suprisingly low. After all, he kept the t.i.tles of Significant Sage Tyrannical Melody and Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar. People who needed to go against him in the primary confrontation would have to assume thrice well before proceeding-though he was just a little cultivator who had recently hit the 5th Point.
The The southern part of Long lasting Sword Sect set up two areas for Music Shuhang and Fairy Rosy Cloud, and equipped a compact area of the four immortal food for that two.
“The Mother-Child River h2o? That issue isn’t poor. As far as I do know, besides causing you to conceive and provide start to some ineffective ma.s.s of animal meat, it genuinely carries a miraculous impact when one is ascending towards the 7th Stage coming from the 6th Period. Whilst ascending to your 7th Phase from the 6th Period, a lotus would increase on the pract.i.tioner’s Spirit Lake, plus a nascent soul might be given birth to from that lotus. As soon as the lotus is highly processed towards a solution supplement, a pract.i.tioner that could be for the highest of the 6th Phase can beverage it to enhance the prospect of condensing a nascent heart and soul,” Older person White-colored reported. “It’s a very good value.”
A single also were forced to be aware that he maintained the t.i.tle of ‘first Sage in the thousand years’. This t.i.tle alone was already well worth a lot of tension.
“Actually, I in addition have a comparable ability.” Piece of music Shuhang folded his hands, and said, “As this sort of, throughout this compet.i.tion, we shall be discovering whether your G.o.d’s Mouth is much more amazing, or if perhaps my suggests are increased.” “Then, Older person Tyrannical Track, let us start.” Fairy Rosy Cloud elevated her chopsticks, and started to taste the 1st recipe.
“…” Melody Shuhang.
Su Clan’s Sixteen requested, “However, with there being four food, how can they determine stuff once they fasten?”
Fairy Rosy Cloud wasn’t scared of getting pregnant immediately?
At this time, Older Whitened, who was holding a lotto amount in their fingers, acquired straight back to his seating, and gently jumped onto it.
Afterward, she needed another sip of your soups, and a.n.a.lyzed the constituents utilized in the broth.
“I haven’t complete chatting however.” Track Shuhang smiled a bit-he however required to placed more tension on Fairy Rosy Cloud prior to the compet.i.tion started.
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Tune Shuhang reported, “Then, let us commence while using concern. In order to prevent unfaithful, Senior Bright, could you you should act now to block all solution appear transmissions? On top of that, after each and every recipe, we shall either write down the name on the components on a bit of papers.”
“I have already got difficult in mind,” Fairy Rosy Cloud stated. “Senior Tyrannical Tune, since we’re in the Immortal Feast, think about we use immortal recipes as the topic of the problem?”
Nevertheless, it was actually the opposite.
I don’t know a single thing about immortal recipes, either. How frequently have I even possessed immortal food around my life?
Fairy Rosy Cloud stated, “Then, as consequence for failing the challenge, I am going to offer a part of the ‘Mother-Child River’ water to Older person Tyrannical Song… and next I am going to consume an additional portion on the spot.”
“The most significant element right this moment is Fairy Rosy Cloud’s concern to Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Melody. One other matters are of a lot less importance.”
The primary recipe was obviously a species of fish dish.
Fairy Rosy Cloud loudly stated, “The variety has concurred, then Elderly Tyrannical Melody, let us proceed with the struggle!”
Fairy Rosy Cloud claimed, “Now it is my consider s.h.i.+ne. Senior Tyrannical Tune, I wish to problem you!”
Then, he increased his pen and quickly had written the titles with the substances for the document.
The little Mature White colored nodded. “No challenge, let it sit for me.”
Melody Shuhang calmly sat down within his chair, and reported, “So, your G.o.d’s Mouth was the origin within your self-confidence in challenging me?”
Melody Shuhang folded away his hands, wanting his wise to reveal a relaxed visual appearance, and stated, “Very effectively, Fairy Rosy Cloud. How can you challenge me?”
“The G.o.d’s Mouth, the greatest expertise of gourmets. Fairy Rosy Cloud, superbly performed! Mature Tyrannical Tune dropped to your trap.” “You bought this, Fairy Rosy Cloud! Allow Senior Tyrannical Track have a personal taste of pregnancy!”
Regardless, just before the start of the overall game, it wasn’t bad to carry on raising the tension.
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The Southern Everlasting Sword Sect organized two areas for Piece of music Shuhang and Fairy Rosy Cloud, and well prepared a smaller portion of the four immortal recipes for those two.
Right after the number revealed and established that Song Shuhang earned the chair, the fairy maiden together with the Mommy-Kid River standard water stood up and lifted her hand happily.
At this time, Senior White colored, who has been keeping a lottery quantity in the palm, bought back in his seat, and gently jumped onto it.
Fairy Rosy Cloud mentioned, “If we turn out possessing two is the winner and a couple of cutbacks each, then we will have the most crucial fifth match. At that time, we will utilize the Mother-Kid River normal water being the last ‘dish’ and determine the winner.”
“Senior Tyrannical Track, prior to we commence, I wish to show you one important thing.” Fairy Rosy Cloud spat out her minor tongue, shifted it around flexibly, and said, “When I established my Oral cavity Aperture in the Initially Step Realm, the skill i always bought was the G.o.d’s Tongue, allowing me to perfectly detect the variants of all of the meals that I preference. I could materialize the taste in my intellect, and then report down every one of the materials. Along with my major daoist name, Rosy Cloud, my other daoist title is Queen of Exquisite Food items. As a result, Elderly Tyrannical Music, you will likely drop this compet.i.tion. I will make you ingest the mom-Child River h2o and get currently pregnant in front of all people!”
Hence, he could only use his own special abilities.
The small Mature Bright white nodded. “No issue, leave it if you ask me.”
“…” Music Shuhang.
Su Clan’s Sixteen questioned, “However, since there are four dinners, how will they make a decision items should they tie?”
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Fairy Rosy Cloud stated, “If we wind up owning two wins and 2 loss each one, then we can play the most crucial fifth video game. In those days, we shall work with the Mother-Baby Stream water when the survive ‘dish’ and determine the champion.”
“I know, and I’m not an immortal chief cook, frequently. Mature Tyrannical Music, please listen to me. We aren’t will be preparing, but wanting food alternatively,” Fairy Rosy Cloud claimed. “After another occasion, we were offered four a lot more immortal dishes. We can have these four foods since the challenge merchandise and personal taste them one by one. And then, we are to determine the components in the immortal dishes. Anyone who can determine a lot more substances is the winner!”
Fairy Rosy Cloud smiled somewhat.

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