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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2486 – Death of Dao Ancestor! flowers way
As soon as they moved into, they were suppressed by the effectiveness of Excellent Dao, meticulously turning into mortals.
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“Ye Yuan! You colluded along with the divine race and killed my man race’s Dao Ancestor! What is your goal!” Lin Chaotian shouted angrily.
Definitely, he was definitely as well impatient to hold back.
Sacred Ancestor Great Priest exposed his jaws vast, an concept like he possessed seen a ghost.
Tian Qing provided Ye Yuan a peek and stated having a look, “You getting your own personal pleasant time, are not you afraid that they will s.n.a.t.c.h the task of Dao Ancestor?”
His strength obtained recently better further. His reliance on the nine terrific Dao Ancestors was not that robust any further.
Ye Yuan explained coolly, “I’m not keen on the position of Dao Ancestor.”
“What’s completely wrong, Ye Yuan?” Sacred Ancestor Higher Priest emerged after. Viewing Ye Yuan’s strange express, he could not fight wanting to know.
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Though the impression that Ancestor Fire’s dying delivered to everyone was way too robust.
He was merely forced to beat rear. Now, Lin Chaotian pinned another substantial cost on his head.
When Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets plus the rest who just arrived spotted this picture, every last one was stunned speechless.
When everyone discovered this scene, people were all extremely amazed.
Originally, Ye Yuan did not want to get in the struggle for Dao Ancestor.
If Ancestor Blaze passed away was not essential.
Lin Chaotian skyrocketed at once.
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A piercing frosty on the excessive fist blowing wind swept former. It was only to hear a bang. Where Ancestor Blaze collapsed directly transformed into nothingness.
It had been and then see his figure relocated, and the man presently showed up while watching lightweight doorstep.
Ye Yuan obtained just turned up and Lin Chaotian and Ancestor Fire were like lunatics, wanting to target him.
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Ye Yuan smiled and mentioned, “My compact planet turns out to be special. This strength of Good Dao can’t reduce me.”
Sacred Ancestor Substantial Priest mentioned in delight, “This … Are these claims the world fog?”
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“S-So formidable! Ancestor Blaze and Dao Ancestor Everyday life 2 people joined pushes and were actually cannot even capture him!”
The top and mighty Ancestor Blaze actually perished!
However right now, with Ye Yuan beating Ancestor Flame in a single one move, being virtually on par with Dao Ancestor Daily life, he was actually completely deserving of the t.i.tle of Saint Azure!
The seven wonderful Dao Forefathers also put into practice closely powering, getting into the Heavenspan Mountain / hill.
Sacred Ancestor High Priest claimed in astonish, “This … Is the kingdom fog?”
“Huhu, weaklings don’t have the qualifications to have on. As an alternative to lifestyle painfully, safer to let this progenitor give back out,” Tian Qing stated by using a faint giggle.
“Monstrous! Actually monstrous!”
Sacred Ancestor Great Priest experienced the world fog a bit. Unexpectedly, his concept modified greatly and he reported, “d.a.m.n, there’s the strength of Excellent Dao controlling during this area! We can’t take flight during the air flow or shuttle from the void. We will only move forward on feet. This put is an important cage!”
“Lord Saint Azure is way too remarkable! They can actually travel for the Heavenspan Hill!”
“You, this fellow, truly aren’t extremely cute by any means! Let’s go!” Tian Qing provided a cool snort and came into the Heavenspan Mountain.

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